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Zoning Regulation

LeRoy Township Zoning Regulation

Adopted November 1949

If you have any zoning questions, please contact Zoning Inspector Noell Sivertsen by text or call (216) 296 – 2931, or email zoning@leroyohio.com

REMINDER: A Zoning permit is required for all residences who engage in a Home Occupation (Business).  Check the Zoning Forms page for an application, or contact the zoning inspector  by text or call (216) 296-2931, or email zoning@leroyohio.com with any questions or for an application.

The Leroy Township Zoning Commission has adopted zoning regulations that are consistent with the Ohio Revised Code to preserve the rural beauty of our community.  Zoning Permits are required for most construction projects, including “agriculture”.  We will also be enforcing regulations for businesses, junk vehicles and more.  See the resolution below, or call our Zoning Inspector if you have any questions (216) 296-2931.

Small Zoning Map ~ Updated August 2014

A complete set of the resolution in PDF format can be downloaded here.  All sections listed in the table of contents below are also in PDF format.

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