13028 Leroy Center Road
Leroy Township, Ohio 44077

Zoning Department


The Leroy Township Board of Zoning Appeals gives notice that a Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Hall located at 6684 Paine Road to consider the following:

Application for Variance of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Section 23.05, No. 2023-4; Ruff Neon & Lighting Maintenance, for additional square footage to existing sign to exceed 30 square feet per sign face and over 12 feet in height at the Shell Gas Station located at 5941 Vrooman Road.

Application for Variance of Section 25.01 and Section 16.04.02 home occupation not on its own property, No. 2023-5, by Matthew Magyar requesting shared driveway not permitted at 6450/6430 Vrooman Road to parcel no. 07A0160000090, and home occupation not on its own property.

Conditional Use Permit No. 2023-6 for the renewal, as required, of permitted conditional uses in a R2 district.  Transformation Camp Inc. requests the required renewal of their conditional use permit as it applies to property located at 5811 Vrooman Road.

By order of Leroy Twp Zoning Appeals Board
N Kranstuber, Secretary


Need a Permit?  Check out the Zoning Forms page to print an application form.

Have a Zoning question?

>>> Contact Noell Sivertsen, Zoning Inspector, by text or call: (216) 296 – 2931 or email zoning@leroyohio.com

This position is not full-time, so please allow some time for responses.

You can also contact the Zoning Secretary Nancy Kranstuber by email only: zoningsecretary@leroyohio.com.

REMINDER: A Zoning permit is required for all residences who engage in a Home Occupation (Business).  Call Noell Sivertsen, Zoning Inspector, at  (216) 296-2931 for any questions or for an application. Alternatively, an email can be sent to zoning@leroyohio.com

Zoning will hold the following office hours:

  • Tuesdays 10 AM to 2 PM – Pick-up and drop-off only at Fiscal Office at
    13028 Leroy Center Road (NOT the Town Hall).
  • Thursdays 3:00 to 5:30 PM – Zoning Inspector present and available
    at the Town Hall, 6684 Paine Road.

Click here for the Zoning Inspector office calendar

Zoning Department

Zoning Inspector

Noell Sivertsen
Leroy Townhall
6684 Paine Road
Leroy, OH 44077
(216) 296-2931

Zoning Permits

Applications for Zoning Permits will be reviewed on an as-needed basis by the Zoning Inspector.  Call for requirements and/or appointment.

Zoning Commission

Zoning questions are best answered by the Zoning Inspector.  The Zoning Commission cannot answer day-to-day zoning questions.

2023 Chairman

Sharon Noewer
5955 Paine Road
Leroy Township, OH 44077
(440) 725-0594

2023 Vice Chairman

Rich Hnizdil
13111 Carter Road
Leroy Township, OH 44077
(330) 304-9189


Cindy Binnig
13105 Girdled Road
Leroy Township, OH 44077
(440) 376-0074

Ron Baker
6980 Leroy Thompson Road
Leroy, OH 44086
(216) 287-2118

John Brown
7699 Jennings Drive
Leroy, OH 44077
(440) 487-8641


Charlie Cross
6986 Leroy Thompson Road
Thompson, OH 44086
(440) 479-0872


Nancy Kranstuber
(440) 298-3369

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Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)

BZA meets on an as-needed basis, whenever an appeal has commenced.  Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, are open to the public and are advertised in the News-Herald.

Zoning questions are best answered by the Zoning Inspector.  The Board of Zoning Appeals cannot answer day-to-day zoning questions.

2023 Chairman

Rudy Veselko
6394 Paine Road
Leroy Township, OH 44077
(440) 254-4774/Mobile (440) 487-4938

2023 Vice chairman

Shawn Parker
7240 Mildon Drive
Leroy Township, OH 44077
(440) 336-7663

Board Members

Susan Hanna
7357 Leroy Thompson Road
Thompson, OH  44086
(440) 487-7102

Tim Toman
14160 Radcliffe Road
Chardon, OH  44024
(440) 799-9063

Greg Miller
6301 Vrooman Road
Leroy Township, OH  44077
(440) 254-4818


Amy Shelton
14181 Painesville Warren Road
Leroy Township, OH  44077
(440) 969-8760


Nancy Kranstuber
(440) 298-3369


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