13028 Leroy Center Road
Leroy Township, Ohio 44077

Recycle Your Used Clothing!

Why donate?

Reduce waste in landfills. Clothing used worldwide. Tax deductible.

Clothing Shed Flyer

The only items accepted are:  all clothing, shoes, sneakers, belts, purses, blankets, towels, sheets, pillowcases, curtains and stuffed toys.

Another reason to donate: the Leroy Twp. Recreation Board benefits from your donations!  Here are the statistics provided by St. Pauly Textile, Inc. for 2023:

  • 12,911 pounds of clothing were donated to our shed in 2023.
  • This was enough to clothe an estimated 2,378 people all over the world.
  • Based on this volume of clothing, our organization (Recreation Board) received $516.

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