Roads and Service


Rich Van Pelt, Jr.
(440) 254-4234


Township Garage

13639 LeRoy Center Rd.Road Worker
LeRoy Township, OH 44077
(440) 254-4234
Fax: (440) 254-4236

The Road and Service Department provides service and maintenance of township roads, parks, and cemeteries.

The following 22 miles of township roads that are under their jurisdiction are Abby, Autumn, Baker, Callow, Chadwick, Eaglebrook, Edgebrook, Horizon, Indian Point, Jennings, Jodi, Lester, Maggie, Mildon, Monte, North End LeRoy Center, Piney Hollow, Proctor, Radcliffe, Rustic, Seeley, Shirley, Spring, Sumner, Taylor and Valentine.

Recycling and Waste Disposal Guide

Mail-Box Policy Resolution (effective 12/29/08)

Leroy Township will follow the Lake County Engineer’s mailbox replacement policy. No “Rubbermaid” style mail boxes will be replaced. A value of up to $35.00 will be the maximum replacement cost. Leroy Township will only replace a mail box that has been damaged by a direct hit with the vehicle or snow plow. A mail box which has been damaged by thrown or pushed snow does not warrant replacement. The Township will replace or repair a mailbox damaged by DIRECT contact with the snow plow vehicle or plow blade with a standard 4 x 4 wooden treated post and mailbox as approved by the US Postal Service.

LeRoy Township Hall - Location: 6684 Paine Road - Mail: 5920 Paine Road
Fiscal Officer: (440) 254-4333 - Fax: (440) 254-4666
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