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REMINDER: All businesses operating in Leroy Township should have a permit.

This permit can be obtained from the Leroy Township Zoning Inspector.  There is NO CHARGE for the permit if obtained by December 31, 2017.  If you have any questions, please contact the Leroy Township Zoning Inspector at (440) 220-0430.


The Leroy Twp. Zoning Appeals Board will hold a Public Hearing Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at the Leroy Township Hall, 6684 Paine Road.  Purpose of the hearing is a request by Richard M. Osborne, Jr. for the Richard M. Osborne Trust for two conditional use permits for the property at 5848 Vrooman Road:
1.  A 32-square foot sign with two faces to be located north of the west-bound
entrance to I-90 to advertise concrete and asphalt purchasing.
2.  Permit mounds of reclaimed concrete and asphalt to be stored on the
property for the purpose of access road maintenance for gas wells.

A copy of the request is on file with the Board of Appeals and is available for inspection and copying upon request to the secretary at (440) 254-4601.  Oral and written comments will be taken at this hearing.

By order of Leroy Twp. Zoning Appeals Board

Julie Himmelman, Secretary

Zoning regulation for rivers, streams, wetlands and other watercourses within Leroy Township contributes to the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of Leroy Township.  The regulation (Section 31) has been enacted to protect and enhance the functions of riparian areas by providing reasonable controls governing buildings, structures, uses, and related soil-disturbing activities within a riparian setback along designated watercourses and wetlands in the Township.  Leroy’s zoning regulations has riparian setback requirements.  If your property has any rivers, streams, wetlands or other watercourses and you want to build or disturb the land within 150 feet of the waterway, please review your plans with the zoning department prior to starting any work in order to avoid any fines or costly repair.


Please remember when you renew your driver’s license or license plates, use Leroy Township as your mailing address, not Painesville. If you do this, Leroy will get the motor vehicle and license tax. Otherwise, it will go to Painesville. Please … help your community!!

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